About the author

I have been interested in butterflies since a very early age - an interest that I renewed in 2007 when I started photographing and studying them. My research interests are mainly in applying mathematical and statistical methods to butterfly identification and taxonomy.

The main purpose of this website is to make available good quality photographs of all butterfly species recorded from Bulgaria. More information on the species can be found in the Butterflies of Bulgaria Android App.

All photos and content on this website are copyright (c) Nikolay Shtinkov. Explicit permission is needed if you want to use material from the site; email me at bulgariabutterflies[at]gmail.com.

Nikolay Shtinkov

The author, 2009, Pirin Mts. Photo Ivan Kolev
The author photographing Erebia orientalis, a rare endemic species whose range lies almost entirely within Bulgaria.
Pirin Mts., July 2009 (photo Ivan Kolev).
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