Species list

Use the list on the left to navigate. Families will expand/contract when clicked. Species that I haven't photographed yet are not clickable. Some species will display a blank page when clicked; this means that I have photos but I haven't uploaded them to the site yet.

The nomenclature follows the latest (2011) edition of Fauna Europaea with some minor modifications. See the Taxonomy page for a list of changes and additional information.

The number of species currently represented on this site is shown in the following table. The total number of species reported from Bulgaria is given in parentheses.

More information can be found in the Butterflies of Bulgaria Android App.

Hesperiidae 28(28)
Papilionidae 6(6)
Pieridae 22(25)
Riodinidae 1(1)
Lycaenidae 57(62)
Nymphalidae 89(96)
Total 203(218)
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