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After one year of hard work, I am proud to announce that the Butterflies of Bulgaria app is finally available on Google Play!

The app is an electronic field guide covering the 216 butterfly species known to occur in Bulgaria. The catalogue contains up-to-date information on global range, distribution in Bulgaria, altitudinal range, flight period, larval host-plants, conservation, legislative protection (for protected species), and other relevant details. The species accounts summarize current knowledge from more than 140 referenced sources and my own observations carried out for over a decade.

In addition to the species catalogue, the app also lets you create a diary of personal butterfly observations, including time and date, GPS coordinates, identification, and comments. You can easily add and edit observations, using the device GPS unit or a map to get coordinates. You can also view your observations locations on a map and export the data to use outside the app.

The catalogue and GPS functions do not require an internet connection, so they can be used on field trips in remote locations without data connectivity. Map functions however may not work without an internet connection.

The app's privacy policy is here.

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