Here you'll find photographs in nature of more than 200 species of butterflies occurring in Bulgaria. With comments, suggestions, or requests to use material from this site, email me at bulgariabutterflies[at]gmail.com.

Nikolay Shtinkov


3 June 2018. The App is finally here - take a look! It includes updated information on all species, many new photos, and several new species that have been discovered in Bulgaria during the last few years.

25 August 2018. Updated the species list to reflect newest data. Added photos for Gegenes pumilio and Cacyreus marshalli.

27 August 2014. Added eight new species: Gegenes nostrodamus, Erynnis marloyi, Gonepteryx cleopatra, Lampides boeticus, Polyommatus aroaniensis, Hyponephele lycaon, Erebia aethiops, and Erebia pronoe.

6 October 2013. Added three new species: Pyrgus andromedae, Hipparchia statilinus, and Melitaea diamina.

6 April 2013. Species list updated, replacing Leptidea reali with L. juvernica and Melitaea telona with M. ornata; see the taxonomy page for details.

30 March 2013. Added six new species: Leptidea juvernica, Lycaena thersamon, Erebia melas, Apatura iris, Euphydryas maturna, and Boloria pales.

11 August 2012. Added six new species: Hesperia comma, Colias erate, C. caucasica, C. alfacariensis, Anthocharis gruneri, and Pieris krueperi.

23 April 2012. 2012 Calendar.

11 September 2011. Finished uploading the photos of new species from 2011.

12 August 2011. Taxonomy updated to match the Fauna Europaea species list; see remarks here.

4 August 2011. Finished uploading all pre-2011 photographs.

28 April 2011. The site is online!

Euchloe penia Euphydryas cynthia
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